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Absolutely Changed

I started crying tonight. I was reading old posts and even older texts and I just started crying. I cut last night and now I’m thinking about that and it’s making me cry. To look back on my life four months ago I never would have pictures things panning out like this. I didn’t see us breaking up, or the Bitch being the reason why. I NEVER saw myself cutting or hating someone so much it made me physically sick. I’m a completely and totally different person than I was only a few months ago. It’s crazy to think how fast people can change. It’s saddening to realize how MUCH people can change. I’ve changed so completely some days I’m not even sure I know who I am or what I have become. I never saw myself as being the person I am today and it’s weird to look at how different I am compared to how I thought I would be and how I imagined I would be living right now. It’s absolutely insane. Or maybe I’m just insane. That a very probable thing.

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